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When your company name is your currency, I ensure that your Spanish content is impeccable and speaks to your Spanish readers in a way they understand.


Punctuality, responsiveness, dedication: I am a perfectionist because I love my business as much as you love yours.

Premium Results

Experience, expertise, and the esteem I feel for my role in your world: Trust me to exceed your expectations, every time.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

When you are ready to step in front of your Spanish readers and plant your company flag on new soil, you need the kind of liaison you can trust completely, with your name, rapport, and reputation.

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I am dedicated to your outcomes, and I have the experience and expertise to ensure your success in the Spanish and Latin American market.

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UN Volunteers

Just some of the extraordinary people I work with:

Mayra joined Translators without Borders (TWB) as a volunteer translator in April 2018. So far, she has translated and revised over 350,000 words of crucial humanitarian information. She has always been responsive and professional in her work and communication and showed a great understanding and care for our quality standards. We are thankful to Mayra for supporting our mission of a world where everyone can give and receive information in a language and format they understand.

Ambra Sottile
Translators without Borders

Mayra contributed to the translation of UNDP’s social media guidelines through UN Volunteers, aiming to position UNDP at the forefront of breaking news in the development media cycle and to advance online communications and outreach within the organisation. The communication with her was very good and she contributed to a strengthened dialogue between interest groups and communities. I am really satisfied and I would collaborate with her again.

Carla González

Mayra helped translate a global tool on Child Friendly Spaces through UN Volunteers and made an excellent contribution to enhance the capacity of organisations to deliver public services and build infrastructure. The quality of communication was exceptional, and she demonstrated outstanding skills to translate documents and great commitment with the assignment. I am very satisfied with this collaboration and I would definitely collaborate with her again. Thank you for all your support and your availability!

Yesica Serrano
Child Protection Area of Responsibility, Spanish Help Desk

Mayra worked on the translation of a proposal for Emergency Activation in Informal Settlements in Lebanon through UN Volunteers. She delivered a very good translation, the communication was excellent, and I would certainly collaborate with her again. Thank you for the excellent work and fast delivery!

María Romero
Action Against Hunger

Mayra helped with the proofreading of our training facilitation toolbox from English to Spanish through UN Volunteers. Her contribution was excellent and helped enhance the capacity of local groups to implement projects. We didn’t face any obstacles when working with her and would certainly collaborate with her again. Thank you so much for your work!

Tissione Parmar


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