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Mayra León Translation Services - Services

Niche Expertise & Niche Passion

The field of technical translation is highly specialised, both linguistically and in terms of content.

I translate, revise, proofread, and post-edit web content and printed publications for individuals as well as large & small companies.

Technical Translation

Telecommunications and electronics, engineering and IT: I translate your technical texts from English, German, Italian and French into native Spanish.

Instruction manuals, product descriptions and user guides: I make sure your brand and products reach your Spanish readers in a way they can understand.

Revision & Proofreading

Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, style and terminological consistency are extremely important for professional documentation.

Errors in instruction manuals could lead to misunderstandings and even accidents and damages:

I am here to make sure that your Spanish documents and website copy are native Spanish, on point, and in context.



In the age of Industry 4.0, the amount of daily content may surpass the capacity of your in-house translation staff.

It all comes down to user experience:

When taking a short-cut is essential to your time- and bottom line, I make sure your brand and products make a flawless first impression.

Post-editing – i.e. human editing of machine translation output – optimises your machine-translated documents into flawless, HUMAN Spanish, addressing your audience in a way they understand.

With the linguistic intuition of a Spanish native speaker, I turn your machine-translated texts into an accurate, on-brand message.

Make your Spanish content a priority. I certainly will.